York Tennis Club Coaching


If you are new to tennis or a seasoned performer, we are sure our coaching programme provided by York Tennis Academy can help take your game to the next level. Founded by Head Coach John Moore, York Tennis Academy provides  premium tennis coaching for all ages and abilities, from beginners to players competing internationally.

York Tennis Academy aim to supercharge the game of every player and make them feel like the racket has ‘come to life’ in their hand and play beyond the level they thought possible.

Head Coach John Moore is a LTA CCA Performance Coach as well as an RPT International Professional (the highest level of international certification).

John worked for the European Registry of Tennis Professionals (RPT) as a biomechanics advisor for several years looking at elite stroke production, injury prevention, movement technique, biomechanics and video analysis. John also worked with world leading biomechanist Brad Langevad, consultant to Andy Murray, coach to Pat Cash, and former coach to Greg Rusedski.

John continues to work closely with Brad and York Tennis Academy utilises his cutting edge work as an integral part of its coaching philosophy. Every coach at York Tennis Academy is trained to be able to apply ‘Brad Langevad Sports Biometrics’ principles into their coaching providing a consistent syllabus across the club.

York Tennis Academy is a Brad Langevad Sports Biometrics Learning Centre. The ‘Pro10 Course’ is a 10 week intensive video analysis course and features video analysis and consultation from Brad Langevad.

Coach Bradley Austin has been working full time at the club since completing his Honours degree in Physical Education & Sports Coaching at York St. John University.

Bradley is an RPT National Professional Coach and LTA accredited. He has been playing tennis for 15 years and represented York St John University for the last 3 years.

Since completing his degree Bradley has worked hard developing his knowledge of all aspects of the game of tennis including, technical development at all ages, tactical patterns of play, and tots tennis.

During his study Bradley completed work experience as well as some part time work at York Tennis Academy. Bradley is a highly motivated, fun and engaging coach able to specifically meet the needs of each individual. Bradley is now settled in York and is working full time at the club as an integral of the coaching team at York Tennis Academy.

For more information on the York Tennis Academy training programmes, please visit www.yorktennisacademy.co.uk