York Tennis Club Members


***Membership has been replaced by ClubSpark, available at https://clubspark.lta.org.uk/YorkTennisClub/Membership/Join 



If you would prefer to download and print off a copy of the form and pay by cheque then please Click here

Please select the plan below you wish to join or renew.

Our membership runs from 1st April-31st March each year.

Please note that renewals are due by 1st April regardless of when your membership starts apart from winter membership.

Full Membership
Full membership with unlimited access to the courts (subject to availability).
Day Membership
Access to courts during the daytime. Monday - Friday, 9am - 5pm.
Vacation (Student)
Access to courts during the school holidays. Available to students only.
Junior (Under 10)
Children must be aged under 10 when signing up.
Junior (Up to 18)
Juniors aged 10 to 18 when signing up.
Non Playing Member
Enjoy the facilities of the club without playing.
Winter Membership
Access to courts and facilities during Winter period. 1st October - 31st March.
Joint (Partners) Membership
Two full adult memberships.
Family1 (2 Adults / 1 Junior)
Includes 2 adults and 1 junior.
Family2 (2 Adults / 2 Juniors)
Includes 2 adults and 2 juniors.
Family3 (2 Adults / 3 Junior)
Includes 2 adults and 3 juniors.
Family4 (2 Adults / 4 Juniors)
Family Membership comprising 2 adults and 4 juniors
Family5 (1 Adult / 1 Junior)
Includes 1 adult and 1 junior.
Family6 (1 Adult / 2 Juniors)
Includes 1 adult and 2 juniors.
Family7 (1 Adult / 3 Juniors)
Includes 1 adult and 3 juniors.
Family8 (1 Adult / 4 Juniors)
1 adult family member and 4 junior members.
Chaperone Membership
This membership allows an adult family member to accompany and play tennis at the club with their children who are junior members of York Tennis Club. It is a limited membership and does not entitle adults to be placed in the Wimbledon ticket draw or to play in 'club play sessions' etc or with other adults. If Chaperone members wish to do this they should upgrade to a full membership, or day / winter member as appropriate.