Why Learn with us?

Our Development Pyramid

York Tennis Academy want every child to reach their full potential. The development pyramid is central to this.

It may well be that not every child wishes to follow this progression and we remain committed to participation in the sport at all levels. It also must be appreciated that moving increasingly up the pyramid requires greater commitment, time and resources but it is our aim to support everyone that comes into our programme get to where they would like to be.

Schools Tennis

At the base of the pyramid is schools tennis. The aim of schools tennis is to provide the opportunity for as many children as possible to get involved in the wonderful game of tennis. We provide lessons in schools both during school time and after school activities. We also provide free tennis events at schools on multiple occasions throughout the year as well as at Piglets Adventure Farm.

We hope that children experiencing tennis in schools will continue playing the game and move up the pyramid into weekly junior tennis classes at York Tennis Club and/or Holiday Camps.

It is always our aim to get more children and adults playing the game of tennis, please get in touch with us if you are a teacher wanting to increase the tennis provision at your school or would like us to be involved in tennis events you are running, please email yorktennisacademy@yahoo.com

Club JuniorsĀ / Weekly Group Lessons / Holiday Camps

Weekly group lessons run every weekday evening and throughout the weekends and provide children with all the technical, tactical, physical and mental skills to make a successful start in the game of tennis.

In addition to weekly group lessons for children starting out in tennis or graduating from schools tennis we also run squad tennis training at each group. The squads are separated into each competing age group, mini tennis red (Under 8), Mini Tennis Orange (Under 9), Mini Tennis Green (Under 10), Under 12, 14, 16 and 18. These squads get children ready for playing competition tennis whether for York Tennis Club or in LTA Performance Competitions across the country.

Club Junior Teams

From club junior and squad sessions we look to move children into club junior teams. Through York Tennis Club we have the largest number of competing junior teams in the locality and third most in the county. We passionately believe that Junior Team Tennis should be made as widely available as possible and not just for the top couple of players in each age group, competition helps improve the standard across the board and provides greater opportunities for all. The essential aim being ‘more better players’.

In 2017 we ran the following teams:

2 Mini Tennis Red (Under 8) Teams (mixed)

2 Mini Tennis Orange (Under 9) Teams (mixed)

Mini Tennis Green (Under 10)

6 Boys Under 12 Teams

2 Boys Under 14 Teams

Boys Under 18 Team

We are always looking to increase our number of competing teams and in 2018 hope to field more teams including Girls Under 12, Under 14, Under 16 and Under 18 Teams.

The number of competing teams we have has put pressure on available courts and it is hoped we may be able to secure the use of additional facilities to use for further junior team matches in the summer of 2018.

Performance Tennis

In addition to playing in teams we encourage children to play in LTA performance competitions across the country and wish to continue to increase the number of competing players in our programme.

We also have players looking at University Tennis Scholarships both in England and in the USA. One such player currently applying for a US University scholarship is Joel Hancox. His ‘Tennis Smart Video is below. Joel is also a recent addition to the coaching staff at York Tennis Academy and available for lessons at the club.