Technically the best

At York Tennis Academy (YTA) we pride ourselves on offering world leading tennis technique throughout our programme. Head Coach John Moore, worked for several years as a Biomechanics Advisor for the RPT, studying and applying the latest biomechanics and techniques in tennis. This included video analysis of many leading junior players from the UK and Spain, and video analysis and attention to detail remain key to the development of players of all ages. As part of his work in Biomechanics John has also worked closely with Brad Langevad, Australian Biomechanist coach to Pat Cash, Greg Rusedski. Brad is regularly consulted by many top ATP and WTA pros including Andy Murray and Coco Vandewegh, as well as elite performers from other sports including, Glenn McGrath, Frank Bruno. For a discussion of the relationship between serving and cricket bowling, click here. We continue to adopt Brad’s movement principles and consider him the world leading expert on tennis technique and movement.

Brad is the tennis coaching equivalent of Master Yoda, who can teach you to use natural forces and play better than you ever thought possible, watch, listen, learn and apply and let the good times roll.

The use of leading biomechanics not only improves performance at the fastest possible rate but also minimises the risk of injury. Tennis should not create injuries whether to the shoulder, elbow, wrist, back, knees etc and we can help you avoid these. Brad has recently developed an elbow brace which can be used to fix pre-existing injuries including ‘tennis elbow’ for more information, click here.

All coaches at YTA are schooled in biomechanics and have been involved in training with Brad Langevad.

Among the courses on offer at YTA is the Pro10 course which features video analysis from Brad Langevad as well as YTA coaches, for further details click here

Central to the way technique is taught is to encourage both children and adults to use multiple grips and spins from the outset. Whilst this can initially seem daunting it prevents players becoming rigid and developing ‘fixed’ grips, and once mastered the use of different grips and spins makes the learning far easier and prevents injury. The shot fits around the grip and spin not the other way around.

Also key is the positioning of the feet and body. Although this will vary slightly between shots, the position in tennis should essentially be front on to the court / target.

A sideways position shown below (which is still considered by many the ‘stock forehand’) creates a discrepancy between the top and bottom halves of the body. In a right handed forehand the left side of the body, in particular the left knee and left ankle as well as the lower back become ‘fixed anchor points’ unable to rotate further than the left foot position. The force of the rotation of the shot is therefore placed on these areas and they become vulnerable to injury.

The image below shows a left handed forehand and is taken from the book ‘The Biomechanics of Tennis’ by Brad Langevad, in the left handed forehand it is the right knee, right ankle and lower back that become vulnerable to injury. The Biomechanics of Tennis by Brad Langevad can be purchased online through Brad’s website at the following link, click here

The video below of Juan-Carlos Ferrero showing a further example of good position on the forehand.

The balance and symmetry shown in the video below can not be achieved if the position of the body is sideways.

Head Position Comparisons when serving – view Henman video and then Roddick.



We provide video analysis as a regular part of our coaching programme, particularly in individual lessons and squad sessions, parental permission required for junior players. If you are interested in individual lessons and/or would simply like us to take a look at a video of your shot, please email it (filmed at 45 degrees on the hitting side of the shot) to John Moore at

We continue to work closely with Brad Langevad and if you would like video analysis and consultation with Brad this can be  purchased through his website at the following link, click here.

The video below is simply of general interest showing Brad appearing with Jeremy Clarkson on a previous episode of Top Gear.