York Tennis Club Family Tennis

Family Tennis

We encourage families to play tennis together. In addition to running a number of individual competitions for children throughout the age groups, we also run ‘Family Tennis Competitions’ throughout the year.

These competitions are supported by the LTA and have national sponsorship and run under the headings ‘Benenden Tennis Festivals’ and ‘Quorn Family Tennis Cups’.

The format is typically that a parent plays with their child (although it can be siblings, grandparent and child, aunties / uncles etc), in a round robin doubles competition. The emphasis is on as many families taking part as possible and everyone having a go.

These events are very popular and often see around 50 people taking part in family competitions and having fun. York Tennis Club was chosen to host the first Benenden Tennis Festival in 2016, and features on the national LTA website.

We are finalising the date and time of the next Benenden Tennis Festival ‘Girl, Set and Match’ and will put the information on our website when the date and time has been confirmed.

If you are interested in taking part, please email yorktennisacadmey@yahoo.com